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Directions to Toyota Manufacturing in Burnaston

The following is the map that has been provided to us by Toyota to help in getting to the right place when visiting the site.

We look forward to seeing you on site at the Toyota facility on 25th Jly 2017


Free Taster Sessions Available


The Wolverhampton IAM Group offers free “Taster Sessions” for any driver interested in having their driving skills reviewed by a qualified IAM Group Observer, (a saving of £39 over the normal fee).

The only requirement is that you hold a full UK Driving Licence, that your car is street legal and that you have insurance. (We will ask you to sign a simple declaration to this effect at the time of the drive).

What to Expect on the Day of the Assessment?

Your driving assessment is an opportunity to try out some of the techniques developed in our Advanced Driving course with the guidance of an experienced Advanced Driving Observer.

You’ll get a feel for how acquiring new skills can help you stay safe, grow in confidence and get more enjoyment from your driving – plus you’ll gain an insight into the IAM and how we help drivers develop.

The drive will take place in your own car and lasts for around one hour.

What Happens Next?

Once you’ve completed your assessment, your Observer will give you some useful feedback regarding the drive you have just completed and answer any questions you may have.

There’s no obligation to do anything further – it’s all part of our commitment to encouraging a love of driving and enhancing road safety.

If you decide you would like to develop your skills, your Assessor can tell you more about Advanced Driving and the benefits of IAM membership.

Use this opportunity to simply check your capability or ask any questions you may have about how the IAM works and the opportunity it provides, as a charity, to improve driving safety and enhance driving pleasure despite the difficult road conditions we all live with at this time.

If you would like to have a taster session please e-mail our Group Secretary by clicking here. Please put “Taster Session” in the Subject Line.

Highways Agency Quinton Visit 5th March 2017

The following details were received from our Hosts at Highways Agency England with regard to our visit on 5th March 2017

As you are attending on a weekend the main gate will be closed and works by a coded entry system. The keypad code on the day will be 6678. This code should be entered at a steady pace, failure to do so will make it fail, and it doesn’t reset very quickly.

Once through the gate take the first on the right. This will mean that the RCC is then on your right. Entry to the main car park is restricted to operational staff only. Therefore you will need to park outside in the bays opposite. There will be plenty at weekends but only park in bays with a WMRCC plate on the kerb stone at the rear of the bay. These bays are directly opposite the main car park and at in front of the National Traffic Operations Centre.

Please note that it is the RCC that you are coming to with the barrier car park.

Please report to reception by 13:40 latest  in order to sign as shift changeover takes place at 14:00 Once signed in either myself or Phil will come and collect you.

Ideally a list of names for those attending in advance would be useful. As I have already said the day lasts for 3 ½  – 4 hours so those who can`t stay for that time may wish to give up the space to those that can but I will leave that you.

After 27th February I will be on leave so should you need to contact me either before the visit or on the day then my number is 07930 404603 please use this rather than the reception number on the attached sheet as we only have security staff at weekends.

Tea & coffee will be available throughout the visit.

If there are any burning questions please forward to me before so we can sort the answer before you all come but I am fairly sure that we will have covered them all in the presentation.

 Look forward to seeing you on 5th