Existing and New IAM RoadSmart Members – Reduce Your Insurance with Surety (Linked Article)

You may not be aware of the important changes that have taken place over the last months between IAM RoadSmart and Surety Insurance.

Arrangements have now been put in place that any IAM RoadSmart Member with a “Fellows” Advanced Driving Test pass or with a Masters  Advanced Driving Test pass will be given preferential insurance rates for their vehicles through Surety Insurance.

Preferential rates have been available to Fellow Members since the inception of this Membership level in 2017, Masters Members have now also been included; what many do not realise is that if you have passed your Advanced Driving Test any time during the last three years then you can contact IAM RoadSmart and “convert” that Pass to that of a “Fellow” so allowing you to enjoy the better rates available.

Having converted to a Fellow Membership you will then have to take a retest every three years, (as Masters will have to retest every five years), however the better rates will more than compensate for this so well worth considering.

Become a Fellow Member and lead the way in maintaining your driving skills.

Do always remember when discussing premiums with Surety that you should have done your homework and should have looked at other companies offerings so that you can present them with a “target” for your premium and do remember that, though it is not a highlight item, (for reasons that escape this Group’s Committee), insurance through Surety always provides a replacement vehicle in the event that your vehicle is off the road following an incident.

For more information click here to go to the Surety Page of the IAM web site.