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The following media and video links are salutary reminders of things that can go wrong when driving. Distractions feature heavily here and the consequences are graphically depicted .. watch with care as the content will shock and surprise and hopefully cause anyone who watches them to think twice about answering that phone whilst driving or just quickly reading that text whilst in control of a vehicle!

The following videos are not really suitable for younger audiences so if you are a parent show them with care! Any potential or young driver should watch the videos however as the importance of concentration cannot be over emphasized.

Gwent Police Texting And Driving – Full Version
Gwent Police Texting And Driving – Short

Not all of the media and videos here are hard nosed warnings .. the one with regard to the wrong fuel is simply informative however please note that the cars used for this “test” were quite old and lacked many of the sophisticated sensors and emissions detectors that are common on current production vehicles. If you do make the mistake of putting the wrong fuel in any recently manufactured vehicle then your best option is to get one of the recovery services to come out as they have the facilities to remove the contaminated fuel before such time as damage can be caused. An example ignoring the issue can be given by BMW when someone put the wrong unleaded fuel into their 2.0 litre diesel engined vehicle, the result was that the engine and peripheral sensors including the catalytic converter had to be replaced at a cost of £7,000. Most insurances in the market do not include cover for this “error of judgement” so be warned!

Put the Wrong Fuel in Your Car – What Happens?
Distractions and Speeding – The Real Costs

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The Following Are Media Videos Used in Our In-Group Associate Training Presentations

To our knowledge none of the following are copyright so can be used in any context however please be aware that they are training videos and are to be used as such with the appropriate caveats.

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Distractions Can Be Damaging

Don’t Be Misunderstood

Emergency Vehicles

Gear Shift Grip – Best Method

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Limit Points – Video 2

Minibus Driving

Motorway Driving – Video 1

Motorway Driving – Video 2


Secondary Steering Wheel

Speeding Saves Lives!

Spoken Though – Commentary

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The System – Video 2

The Dangers of Tailgating

Be Blue Light Aware