If you would like a free Assessment Drive or a few drives with one of our trained Observers to re-establish or refresh your skills then please contact us by e-mailing Nigel Packer, our Associate Controller

Our aim is to reduce road traffic collisions by helping drivers improve their driving, knowledge and skill. We do this by helping you, as a car driver, to enhance your skills, become safer and enjoy your driving more, becoming an Advanced and Thinking Driver rather than simply a road user.

If you click on the following link you will see a map of all of the road traffic incidents involving moving vehicles throughout the last few years:

Moving Vehicle Incidents in Wolverhampton Area

We have been in Wolverhampton since 1983 and our great team of passionate volunteers have helped many hundreds of drivers of all levels and skills pass their Advanced Driving Test first time. We are currently focussing our attention on the less experienced driver and have appointed a Young Driver Advocate within the Group. We are now looking to support those people who have possibly only recently passed their DVSA Test and who know that they could improve their skills and capabilities but do not know how to go about this. Wolverhampton Advanced Motorists Group can now help you if you fall into this category. We are very informal and can work around your commitments to ensure that you become the better driver that you want to be whilst making the process fun and exciting. If you want further details in this then please use the Contact-us form link above or by sending our Young Driver Advocate an e-mail by clicking here.

We offer a FREE assessment drive to anyone with a full UK driving licence so contact us and let us help you improve your safety and skills.

Visit the Group Events page and see when our next meeting is, (usually the second Wednesday of the month in the evening), come along, you do not need to be a member of the IAM to come and have a chat with one of our Members and to find out what becoming an advanced, safer driver is all about. If you are interested we are also able to provide specific skill training for such things as Motorway Driving, Night Driving, Driving in Adverse Conditions and so on.

For those that want it we are able to give one on one support and guidance to improve particular skills or diminish your particular driving concerns, examples being motorway driving, night driving, driving in bad weather conditions

Priorities and Goals of the Institute of Advanced Motorists

As a charity the Institute of Advanced Motorists (the IAM) supports the raising of driving and riding standards and campaigns for increased on-road skills.

We support and represent motorists, motorcyclists and cyclists through practical driving and riding programmes and urge all road users to act more responsibly and safely.

We also aim to inform and influence government and decision makers to ensure that road safety remains a relevant topic and receives the focus and investment that it requires.

Our commercial business subsidiary, IAM Drive and Survive, promotes occupational driver improvement throughout the fleet/business community. This helps employers achieve their duty of care to employees and also help to reduce road accidents whilst driving on business.

We also offer Drink Drive Rehabilitation courses throughout parts of England and Wales, delivered by the IAM Driver Retraining Academy (IAMDRA)

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IAMBike_Logo If You Are A Motorcyclist

If you are interested in advanced motorcycling skills  and have come to this site in error or you also have a bike as well as a car then we have a sister organization also based in Wolverhampton, the Wolverhampton Group of Advanced Motorcyclists. Please follow the link by clicking on the green logo to the left.