Committee-Minutes Wolverhampton Advanced Motorists Group

This page shows the most recent Group Committee Minutes, if you need clarification of any of the details within these Minutes then please feel free to ask, sometimes shorthand references are used which are clear to the Committee but may not be to others.

It should be noted that the minutes are posted as they become available following the meeting however they are not ratified until the following meeting when they are “signed-off” by the Chairman and as such the most recent Minutes should be read as “draft” until the conclusion of the next meeting.

All Group Members are welcome to attend Committee Meetings should they so wish, there is nothing secretive or confidential discussed within these meetings and your attendance would be welcomed. As a matter of courtesy, and to ensure we have enough biscuits, please do let the Group Secretary know of your wish to attend a meeting. Full details of the dates and locations of the meetings can be found on the Events Diary of our Group web site. The Group Secretary can be e-mailed by clicking here.

All previous Committee Minutes are available on request should you wish to see them, they are held by the Group Secretary who will be happy to provide them on request using the link above.

The Committee welcomes any suggestions from the Group Members regarding any ideas that they may have as to improvements that can be made to the Group. These should be sent through to any of the Members of the Committee. Details of Committee Members can be found on the Contact-us page.

To query any matter within the Minutes above please e-mail the Group Secretary by clicking here.