Danny Parkes Presentation – CCTV in Forensic Science

Danny Parkes Presentation of CCTV in Forensics 11th July 2018

We were very lucky to have Danny Parkes attend our monthly Group Meeting on 11th July and talk to us about his involvement with the forensic analysis of CCTV and digital camera images.

Danny, an ex-Royal Marine, gained an HND in Electrical Engineering and eventually made his way to West Midlands Police where he found that the interpretation and use of imagery within investigations was way less than it could be and in many cases information was inadvertently being misinterpreted or ignored. Using his skills in both computing and also electrical engineering Danny became a leading advocate of the accurate use of imagery and the effective presentation of that imagery to the Courts. Often commended for his skills in this area, Danny formed the CCTV Division of West Midlands Police and as Head of that Group effectively defined the standards for the use of CCTV by the Police and subsequently by the Courts.

It was fascinating to understand better how images can be used to determine more than just the identity of the persons shown but, in many cases, the true sequence of events and how, what is apparently happening in the imagery may not be true. Many examples of such situations were given throwing light onto the importance of having skilled “eyes” on the images being viewed as often even simple things like the timing can be inaccurate as a result of the “fragility” of the time indexing on even modern video recorders.

A discussion ensued as to the importance of Dash-cams in the current driving environment with emphasis on quality though it was agreed that something is better than nothing though wherever possible a decent recording period, (a few days), associated with true HD was by far the best when choosing a dash-cam.

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Overall this was a good evening and, despite the competition from the football, was well attended. For those Members who were unable attend we are looking to have Danny come to talk with us again at some stage in the future